Just us

I’m a PC… and Windows 7 was my idea (Interesting idea since I am typing this on a Mac.) That is an advertisement put forth by, of course… Microsoft Windows.  It is there attempt to compete with Macs.  The idea is to show young and hip men and women promoting their product.

Here is the interesting thing about the commercial.  When they flash back to the part when the person supposedly got the idea for Windows 7, you see the person, but its not the person, not really.  It is a visually improved person.  They are more alive, better looking (by Hollywood’s standard), and I guess more creative.

This obviously is pretty funny.  But, I also think it is a little problematic in real life.  Too often, we become something we are not, someone other than ourselves.  It seems like the message should be more about being ourselves.

So, who wouldn’t have wanted to be the one who invented Windows 7 (talk about the money).  But, we should be OK with us, because “us” is pretty good. I have to say, I am happy being Jim!

By the way, in case you were wondering, fast food was my idea.  I’m just saying.

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