Lost no more

So, I just finished watching the last episode of Lost.  It took six years of my life to watch this show.  I have to admit, I was left with a strange feeling.  It wasn’t what I expected.  I am not sure I liked it.  I am not sure I didn’t like it.  I am somewhere in between.

What I did like about the closing were the connections.  What moved me was the way people were reunited.  I saw these folks who had become community together get ripped apart and in the final episode they are brought back together.

I was moved by the emotions lived out on the screen, by the way they overcome obstacles to be joined once more together. I felt a tug on my heart as I watched these folks recognize what they had lost and what they had found again.

I think that the real message for me is how incredible my family and friends are to me.  I am so blessed with the number of people who are special to me.  I want to remember to not take them for granted.  In fact, in many ways, I would be lost without them.  Thanks everyone for making my life rich!

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