Meeting changes

Today was meeting day.  I felt like I was in a sequence of one meeting after another.  However, in spite of this long string of meetings, it was good stuff.  I enjoyed each one.

One was a phone conversation with Greg, a consultant/friend in Florida who was helping me consider how to grow as a leader. Great stuff!  This was followed by a meeting with our children’s director, Kathy.  She is full of so much enthusiasm that I can’t help be excited after our conversation.  She is so  psyched about the plans she has for kids this summer!

I then met with our young office manager, Erica trying to figure out how we are going to improve our work as a staff and a leadership team.  We discussed website, promotion plans, calendar stuff, phone systems, and more.  I get fired up looking into the future.

Then, we met with the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) newest leader and heard her desire to work together and help women who attended this local group get connected with North Hills, our church.  I can’t help but love it!

I went from there right into a meeting with folks planning a “Homeless Connect” here at our church in June.  To hear about their desire to reach nearly 300 homeless folks and others under-served in our community while mobilizing nearly the same number of volunteers certainly got my heart pumping!  I love getting involved in helping reach the needy in our community!

I finished the day hanging out with our Alpha group as we celebrated all that God had done over the last ten weeks in our group. We laughed and ate goodies and discussed what we had learned and talked about how much we really do care for each other.

Meetings don’t have to be boring.  In fact, the essence of the word “meeting” is “a coming together of two or more people.”  I like that definition of meeting.  That signifies something fun and exciting and new.  It is full of potential.

What makes meetings “bad” is when the purpose is cloudy and when the emphasis is on getting through an agenda more than accomplishing something great together.  Meeting each other is more important than meeting!  Or, in other words, meetings become fun and effective when we focus on what we can learn from one another and applying that to a focused goal.  When that happens, look out!  World changing stuff!!

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