Missing persons

This morning I was getting ready to leave for work and glanced over at a couple of ads that were lying on the counter.  I saw one of those “Have you seen me?” pictures.  Those are the ones which depict someone who has been missing for some time.

These pictures are what the authorities suspect the persons would look like years later. One was the picture of someone who would be 19 years of age today and was missing since he was age 1.

I can’t imagine the families of these who are missing.  They have no idea whether their loved one is alive or dead.  They don’t know what has happened to them.  And, the picture is only a best guess.  Will they ever see them again?  Tough stuff!

I was thinking about this question, “Have you seen me?” today from a different angle.  There is a line in the movie “Avatar” that says basically “I see you.”  What is meant by this statement is that the person looks beyond the outside and really sees what is happening inside, the other person’s true self or heart, who he or she really is.

With all the conversation and debate over the recent immigration law, my deepest concerns are that we will stop seeing others, really seeing them.  No matter where you fall on the issue, the danger is that we might stop seeing the person and only focus on the issue.

Someone reminded me today about the time Jesus feeds the 5000 (plus).  The disciples were concerned about the people getting fed and so they wanted Jesus to send them home.  Jesus responds with compassion and asks his disciples to help him feed them. The point?  Compassion trumps concern.

We as Christ followers can’t simply get the issue right. We must go to the next level, to really “see” the other person and respond compassionately.

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