We took a trip today up to Slide Rock.  It was beautiful drive and a beautiful day.  We packed some food and some drinks and joined a bunch of other folks who had a similar idea on Memorial Day.  The mountain views were gorgeous and moving up to about 4000-5000 feet in elevation wasn’t bad at all.

Slide Rock Park is a great park just north of Sedona, Arizona.  The popularity of the place is due to the creek that runs over some slick rocks.  The water temperature was hovering around a “balmy” 52 degrees on this particular day.

I have to admit that I wasn’t crazy about going into that cold stream. But, I had to set the pace for the rest of the fam.  I couldn’t wimp out.  So, I jumped in and slipped and slid my way down the rocks.

To say that the water was cold would be an understatement.  I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath.  But, after a few moments my body grew a little bit accustomed to it.  Not enough to do the slide more than twice.  And, not enough to soak in the water the rest of the day.  I let the kids have “fun” the rest of our time at Slide Rock.  I laughed so hard that my side ached when I watched their reaction to the cold water.

I am amazed by the simple pleasures in life.  I loved today watching all the families enjoy themselves together alongside of the creek.  I had a blast!  Simple stuff really!

Watching my kids freeze in a creek, listening to them sing in the car, viewing the beautiful varieties in creation, getting stuck in traffic, coming home and grilling a few hamburgers, and finishing the day by holding my wife’s hand while we watched a good, sad movie.  I know, I am a hopeless romantic!  But, I believe God gave me these moments today.  And I am going to hold onto every one!

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  1. Chuck

    The first and last time I slid down those rocks was in 1955 (Youth Group. Loved the memories but had no desire to experience that cold water again – glad you made some memories yesterday.

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