When I was driving today, I looked over a the side of the road and noticed one of those memorials.  You know what I am talking about?  It is the kind they put on the side of the road to indicate someone has died at that particular part of the road.  There were flowers and words of affection for the individual who was no longer alive.

I have actually seen similar memorials on the back windows of vehicles while driving here in the city.  The memorials usually have words that indicate the person is missed.  They also usually include a date of the person’s death.

Memorials are designed to help us remember.  We don’t want to forget the person who is no longer with us physically.  So, we set up some kind of marker, some kind of symbol to remember.

I get that.  I understand it.  It think it can help.  The only caution I have in setting up these markers in our lives is to not let the symbol override the person and the memory.  It can happen if we aren’t careful.

In a real sense, the person never leaves us. What they meant to us is lingering in the air. Their impact is not lost.  That is much greater than any symbol, any marker, any memorial. Remember what they mean to us!  Our love goes on!

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