Signs!  They are everywhere!  In fact, our main handyman/do everything guy, Nels, at our church has been attempting to change our church sign for about a week or so.  There were all kinds of complications causing delays.  But, today the sign was put in place and is looking good!

You see signs wherever you go.  Some of them give you directions, others warn you of upcoming problems, some advertise things that you “can’t live without,” and others simply tell you what you are looking at.  Most signs are really important giving us important information.

The problem is we can easily ignore the signs.  We can disregard them by our own preoccupation with other things.  Often they become commonplace.  We simply stop seeing them.  We might miss an opportunity or even miss something that could save our lives.  Who knows?

The same is true with God.  He has placed his signs everywhere.  He is trying to get our attention in nature, in the words of friends and family, in the wonderful things we see everyday.  But, often just like other signs, we ignore them.  We better open our eyes.  It might mean everything!

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