Today, a friend came by to help us put in a water softener.  In reality when I say “help,” I really mean that Bob did the work and I was his meager little helper.  I am not a whiz when it comes to plumbing.  I know my abilities and lack thereof.

I didn’t use to know my limits and would try various jobs.  Suffice it to say that after a couple of minor floods, I have learned to hone my craft of seeing the potential in others (particularly when it comes to plumbing, major electrical, and of course pigeons… the pigeons are back by the way… no more Mr. Nice Guy!)

So, after a few hours of Bob cutting and soldering and a few trips by me (Mr. Grunt himself) to Home Depot and Lowes, we have a new member of the family… a.k.a. Wally the water softener.

The hope is now we will have to use less water, will have less residue and film on dishes and the glass shower, our hair will be shinier and our clothes and other items will last longer.  Namely, our water will not be as hard.

Sounds good on paper!  In fact, I wish there was a softener we could use on some people I know.  Some of them are so hard and frustrated that they only cause harm to themselves and cause frustration for others. I wonder what it will take sometimes for  their spirits to be softened.

The only thing that has worked for me is installing a new appliance.  And then, I have to recharge my life daily by remembering who is in charge.  Not simple but the results are incredible!

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