The Chase

I was thinking tonight of the old cartoon “The Road Runner.”  In the cartoon, if you recall, Wile E Coyote was constantly trying to stop the road runner for tasty meal.

But, no matter what tricks the Coyote came up with, nor how many gadgets he purchased from the Acme  Company, he never could beat the bird.  You would hear about the only noise (other than the music) on the cartoon, the infamous “Beep, Beep!” and the Runner would take off in a pile of dust.

The Coyote on the other hand would be left with a sign in his hand indicating “Help” or some other cry of pain as he fell off another cliff or was launched on the back of rocket to his doom.  He would be left nursing his pain, caused by his own ill-advised maneuvers.

I have to be honest.  I always felt sorry for Wile E.  I wanted so badly for him to win, just once.  I wanted him to stuff that “beep” down the bird’s throat.  I have a greater appreciation for the life of coyote now that I live in the desert.  They really are pretty scrawny.  There isn’t a whole lot to eat.  Road Runners are kind of little birds themselves but they make for a tasty meal I imagine.

So, where am I going with this?  I guess I feel like Wile E at times.  I feel like I am chasing that next goal, that next achievement, only to come close and never quite get it.  I get to the end of the rainbow and yet every time I think I am there, the pot of gold was moved.

It sometimes feels like I am chasing a wild goose or road runner as the case may be.  Even if I caught it, it wouldn’t be that satisfying anyway, only good for a little while.  The key I think is to stop chasing the wrong things.  Base the chase on true priorities. Set goals that are worth running down. Run the race toward something that is worth my effort, my time, my heart, my everything.  Let the Road runner go. Instead go for a big fat turkey or even a real nice chicken.  Think about it!


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