Late this afternoon, we headed over to a party at the home of some friends.  It was a nice time of just hanging out, laughing and talking with some buds, and eating too much.  My favorite kind of evening!

It was great scarfing down some burgers, chewing up some corn on the cob, dipping some chips into some homemade salsa, adding some healthy fruit salad, and washing it all down with some cola.  The final piece to this masterpiece meal was an incredible piece of chocolate cake that must have been about five layers high!

I have to admit my stomach is about to bust but pain never felt so good!  I admit that I really do like food.  And it not just any kind of food.  It is not just about sustenance.  I guess I could eat anything any kind of food as long as it was a balanced diet and survive.  But, there are some foods that just taste better to me!

It is the spices and the way the food is prepared mixed with an incredible food item that makes the food taste so good.  And, you add variety to the mix and we got something special.  I don’t want to have Italian food all the time even though it probably my favorites.

And even within the Italian genre of foods, I like chicken pastas with red sauce and beef pastas with white sauce, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, manicotti, and the list goes on and on.  And even within the categories of “pizza,”  I like New York style and Chicago style and Neapolitan and all kinds in between.

The saying that “Variety is the spice of life” is very true.  I am talking about more than food.  It is a true saying with regards to people.  I am so excited about the incredible people I have met from various ethnicity’s, with different interests, from different backgrounds, and different personalities.

Young and old, male and female, black and white, I love all the various people I am privileged to know.  And the best part, they are all calorie free!  Cool!

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  1. Dorothy Shields

    It’s obvious from this, and other posts, that God connected you with many people you can call friends and spend time with. That is so AWESOME!!!! From experience I know that it’s a real challenge–and often a very difficult one–to find people you can connect with when you move to a new part of the country and don’t know anyone. You and Mary are extremely blessed that God has led you to so many people you can connect with, spend time with, and relax with!!! ENJOY your time with all of these special friends :)

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