I guess it if finally hitting that time of year here in the valley of the sun when the sun wins!  It is consistently topping out in the 90’s during the day on its way to triple digits.  I am gearing up to the heat.  It is definitely on.

However, until it gets here, the evenings and mornings are still pretty terrific.  Even though we have the air conditioning on during the early hours of the evening when we are home later on before bed, we can turn it off and simply open the windows and sliding doors.

The results are a gentle, cooling breeze.  Add to it a ceiling fan and you have the recipe for some great sleeping conditions.  In fact, by the middle of the night, we are pulling the covers up.  Pretty awesome!  We will enjoy it while we can.

Wind is something special.  We can’t see it but we can feel it.  I know scientifically it is just air in motion.  But from a spiritual perspective it is a great deal more than that.  In fact, in the Bible, the word used for our English word “wind” is the same word for “breath” and the same word for “spirit.”

What that means is that when we feel the wind or the gentle breeze, it should be a reminder of God’s spirit blowing through our lives or the breath of God whispering our name.  The next time you feel the wind from a ceiling fan or from nature or even from someone nearby blowing air through their mouths (whistling), it is a reminder of God’s presence.

God is always blowing in our lives; even in the summer in Arizona!

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