One of the important things I have in my life is a backpack.  I know that doesn’t sound very important but it holds a great deal of important stuff, which makes it important.  I like a backpack over a briefcase.  I think it makes me a little bit cooler.  Well, maybe that is a pipe dream but let me stay in my fantasy world.

The computer that I am typing on is normally in this very backpack.  I have the current books I am reading in the backpack.  I have some important papers in the backpack.  I have backup stuff on a couple of thumb drives there.  I have a checkbook there and a few pens.  I even have a few business cards I have collected.  I also have my iPod shuffle where I keep more important stuff.

The backpack is obviously pretty important.  In a movie I saw this year called “Up in the Air,” the main character does a seminar called “What’s in your backpack?”  The point of the seminar is to do some self examination.  The real question is what are you carrying in your life that is important.

He encourages his trainees to eliminate the unnecessary stuff, meaning relationships, from their backpacks.  They will slow you down from getting to your goals.  However, this same guy discovers by the end of the movie that he has the wrong stuff packed in his life.  He realizes how alone he is.

Good question really.  What are we packing our lives full of?  Stuff is just stuff really.  All my stuff in my backpack can be replaced.  But, people can’t be replaced.  So, what’s in your backpack?

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