I had a great morning!  We had some fantastic worship and I really enjoyed where we went today in our teaching on prayer.  I really loved connecting with folks today as well.  After the worship service, I hung out for awhile and helped get our activity center ready for the start of our “At the Movies” series that starts next Sunday.

On the way home, I stopped briefly to grab a Strawberry slush from our local Sonic.  I go there quite a bit and one of the girls knows me and gave me the drink “on the house.”  Pretty cool!

So, I headed to the frontage road of the interstate that I usually jump on.  I must have been moving out of the lane a bit since the car behind began to honk incessantly.  I quickly adjusted my car and allowed the other vehicle to pass.  The other person passed and gave me the universal sign of …. well, you get the picture!

At first, I smiled as if to say, “Oh well.”  But, then slowly a little indignation began to spread through my system. “I didn’t deserve that!”  “Sure, I deserve the horn, but not the degrading middle finger.”

In that moment, I wanted to catch up to the woman who was driving the vehicle and give her a stern “talking to.”  Or, maybe, I could just follow her and give her a gentle bump with my car at the next light and then give her a quick “tsk”, “tsk” as I shake my head.

In one moment, I almost lost all of that good feeling I had collected through these positive experiences.  I almost let it get to me and allow it to ruin my day.  Isn’t that typical.  One bad thing can wipe out all the good stuff.  As I reflected on this, my smile returned.  I wasn’t going to allow this one unhappy person destroy my contentment.

If I could just remember this lesson next time!

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