Emissions testing

Today, I had to take my car in for emissions testing.  I have never had to do that before.  In Arizona, they want to ensure that cars are not emitting excessive amounts of bad stuff into the air.  Arizona is apparently concerned about the environment.  I was nervous for my car.  What happens if my poor Honda didn’t make the cut?  Would “he” be put on the sideline, out of the game?

Thankfully, my car passed the test.  And also thankfully, the entire process was pretty quick.  It was fairly painless other than the small bill I had to pay regardless of whether my car made it or not.

It got me thinking about how that would work if we had emission’s testing as people. Would I “pass” the test?  Jesus said that the stuff that is coming out of us is a reflection of our hearts.  Am I emitting stuff that reflects a heart that is turned toward God or something else?

It is an important question but there aren’t any places where you can drive and find out the answer.  Basically, you have to perform the test yourself.  You have to decide to do some honest evaluation.  But, here’s the key:  if you fail to pass, you don’t have to go to the sideline.  Just decide to make a change.  Cool stuff, this grace!

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