Fire fighters

Today, I had the opportunity to join house 42.  That is the name of a firehouse here in Phoenix.  One of the guys at our church, Brian, invited me to “ride” with them today.  That means I had the opportunity for about 9 hours to join the guys as they were ready to face whatever issues might come their way.

They are a great bunch of guys who are trained and ready to help citizens get the help they need.  Sure, sometimes that can mean fighting fires but it also means being responders to medical calls, car accidents, and other 911 calls.

This was a slow day for the guys for which they were pleased.  They didn’t have to have real emergencies, at least while I was with them.  Of course, this is just part of their 24 hour day.  After nightfall, things often can get a little crazy.

I was able to ride with the paramedics that I met on five calls. I obviously enjoyed riding through traffic with lights flashing and sirens blaring to the source of the need.

Jason, who was driving shared that this was one of the most difficult parts of the job since you never knew if you would come up on a guy in a car who wasn’t paying attention or was on his phone or was just oblivious to this emergency vehicle.

I can tell you that I was incredibly impressed with the seven guys that I met.  They are a tight group.  They actually act a great deal like a family. The argue occasionally and get on each other nerves and kid a whole bunch.  They are very competitive with one another but their is this wonderful chemistry as well.  And, that kind of camaraderie was extended to other fire fighters or paramedics from other stations they met during their duties.

We can learn a great deal from these real life heroes.  Their cause brings them together in a way that creates this unique bond, this love for one another.  The mission we have as Christ followers is the greatest cause of all. If we fully focus on that, I believe our differences will shrink, our love for each other will increase and lives of those far from Christ will be changed!

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