Forgetting stuff

I hate forgetting stuff.  I did that today.  I went to work early this morning ready for a full day and realized I was missing something vital to my work day; my backpack that includes just about all the things I need including my computer.

So, I had to turn around and make the 22 minute trip back home. I can make it in 18 minutes if the lights all stay green and there no traffic. Not possible in North Phoenix in the early morning.

I hate forgetting where I left stuff like socks or keys or golf balls (I usually lose these in strange places like the woods, bodies of water, or weeds).  I rarely forget an appointment but when I do, I feel super bad about it.

As a speaker, there are times I have mind blocks and forget to say something that I had planned on saying.  Not cool!  But one of the worse things is when I go into a room and forget why I came there.  I really feel like I am losing it then.

I really hate forgetting names in particular.  I have come up with a bunch of clever ways to help me when that happens.  A tried and trued method is introducing my wife the the person, “Hey, have you met my wife, Mary?”  The person invariably will share his or her name.  Pretty smart, eh?  The only problem is when the person says, “Oh yeah, Mary and I have met before.  How are you?”  Messes it all up!

Forgetting things makes me feel kind of dumb.  I start to think my brain has taken a vacation.  But, you know one thing that is cool about forgetting.  It is when I realize that God forgives me and forgets how I badly I blew it. It is when I apply that kind of forgiveness and forget that someone hurt me.  I guess forgetting stuff isn’t always a bad thing.

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