Game playing

We have  been participating in VBS all week at our church.  It has been a blast watching all the kids and their enthusiasm and energy.  I kept thinking how I would like to bottle a little bit of it for myself.  The leaders have done an incredible job and the kids are not only having fun but learning a ton!

Tonight was water night.  They played games that involved water.  It became quickly obvious to me that the point wasn’t to win the game but to see how wet someone could get his or her friends.  I tried to move out of the line of fire but the “adults” lured me back under false pretenses and doused me.

While I watched the groups participate, I noted that a few of the boys were trying to get “payback” on the girls with water baptism.  I casually remarked that that was the first step toward engagement.  The boys did not seem to appreciate it.  But, I think there is truth in that statement.

Boys and girls play crazy games with one another.  Unfortunately they sometimes carry that same kind of approach to their adult relationships.  Game playing is cute when you are 10 or 11.  It ceases to be fun at some point.

It would be cool if we could share our honest feelings with the persons we care about.  The problem is that we have to first become honest with ourselves.  Many of us haven’t discovered how to like ourselves.  So, the games continue. Remember, it takes two to “play a game.”  Accept God’s view of yourself!  Ditch the games!

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  1. Mona

    Pastor Jim and Mary, again I can not tell you enough how much having you there every night has meant to so many!! I can’t believe that those “adults” would do something like that!! Thanks again for putting your actions behind your words!!

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