Getting real

I really love our group!  Mary and I host a group of young 20 and 30 somethings.  They are incredible people!  I love hearing them share their hearts.  They aren’t afraid to share some of their challenges with one another as well as their victories.  They are honest and real!

I love honest and real.  I am getting so used to people around me being vulnerable and sharing their stuff.  In fact, it is almost intolerable for me to be around those who fail to “go there.”  There are many who are either unwilling or unable to just be themselves. Why is it so hard?  Yeah, yeah, I know it means you have to risk exposing yourself but the benefits so outweigh the costs.

The biggest loser when we fail to let down our guard and share our hearts with someone is “us.”  I know you can’t open yourself up to just everyone and share all your junk but you need to open yourself to someone.  I know that the fear is that you open yourself up to the possibility of someone breaking your heart.  Hello, that is the essence of the word “vulnerable.”

But, there is something very rewarding in taking the risk.   The more willing you are to entrust yourself to others, the more opportunities you will have to discover a richness in your relationships.

When you take the risk, others take the risk.  The result is some pretty cool connections. Give it a shot!

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