I took my wife to the airport yesterday so she could  fly to Michigan to see my daughter and her husband.  Jessica was in her first Grand Rapids Civic Center play and we wanted to surprise her.  Wish I could have gone as well but at least we were able to swing Mary’s trip.

I really am one of those proud parents that gushes about his kids.  I really do think they are awesome. They have such incredible smarts as well as abilities.  I am sure that this is an objective opinion and not just the ramblings of a moon struck dad!  My kids really are the best!  I know some of you think your kids are the best, but I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong!  You can hang onto your fantasy world but you are sadly mistaken.

What is it about parents and our kid?.  There are times they can drive us absolutely crazy and we can’t wait for them to grow up and move out. But, then there are those other times when we want to keep them young and hold onto them and never let them go.

I heard some parents talking the other day about creeping in late at night to their bedrooms to watch them sleep.  The described the angelic looks on faces that a few hours earlier were anything than heavenly.  How could they go from “demon child” to “wonderful” so quickly.  And, no matter how angry we may get with them, we wouldn’t trade them for another parent’s less irritating children.

Kids are definitely a gift from God.  Yeah, maybe we want to take the “gift” back to the store from time to time.  But, the reality is that we wouldn’t give them up for a million bucks!   So, my advice to you parents:  let your kids know you are proud of them, even when they don’t do anything that great!  They need to hear the words.  And, you need to share them!


  1. Dorothy Shields

    And those words need to be shared regardless of how old our kids are…..just because they are grown and out on their own doesn’t mean we stop being parents. We need to remind our “kids” that we love them and are proud of them whether they are 3 or 30!!!

  2. Mona

    I totally agree with you!! We also need to remember other kids, I think kids especially teenager up to 20’s are not used to hearing compliments from others (especially people they don’t know). So if you want to freak out a kid give them a compliment and watch their face and how they react!! Instead of them freaking you out you can freak them out. Not to mention some of them have never heard it or haven’t heard it for a long time!!

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