What a day!  We ended our week of VBS tonight with a super fantastic closing program complete with a carnival featuring balloon animals, s’mores, popcorn, games and more.

Earlier in the day, I had my best score in golf that I have had since I have lived here in Phoenix.  In fact, it is my best round of golf ever!  I would tell you the score but that could be a problem.

If you are not impressed by the number, then you might yawn and tell me to get over myself.  Or, if you thought it was impressive, you might think that pastors who do that well in golf must not be working too hard … and you would tell me to get over myself!

Records are made to be broken.  In spite of what issue we are talking about, we want to better our last attempt.  We have this propensity as humans to go for the next big win, the next big idea, the next big whatever.  In fact, the next time out on the golf course, I will want to play better than I did today.

Kobe Bryant just won his fifth NBA championship, but it is not enough.  He will want to win again next year.  Tiger Woods has won over 71 PGA tournaments, 14 of those major golf championships.  But, its not enough.  He still wants more.

There is something good about pushing ourselves beyond our self proclaimed limits, as long as we aren’t obsessed with “winning” at all costs.  Maybe, pressing the boundaries is something God put into our normal systems.  God wants us to go for it, to take risks, to push ourselves to be our best.

So, watch out golf courses of Arizona!  Here I come!

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