Mary and I are leaving late tomorrow night for a trip back to the Midwest and we have realized that we might need a little luggage. We have suitcases that are great for checking but this trip we wanted to save some bucks and board with our luggage. What to do?

Well, when faced with dilemmas like this, I tend to head toward my local Sam’s and find what I can find at a reasonable cost.  I roamed over to the suitcase area and found a few varieties of cases.  There were a family of three cases that were apparently part of a set (missing the daddy case) without a price tag… and there weren’t any other sets like this.

No price tag and no inventory!  My favorite combination.  I once got some quality jeans for $2 at Sam’s because there wasn’t a price tag and they had nothing left in their inventory of that brand.

So, the search was on for what to charge me. Eventually, my endurance paid off.  They were willing to let me buy this daddy less three set  (normally a four set) for only $25! Normally, I would have paid twice that much for one of these cases.  Cool!

When you think about it the only real purpose of luggage is to store and protect our stuff till we get to our destination.  Luggage comes in all shapes and sizes and weight classes.  There are duffel bags, backpacks, business cases, totes, casual bags, hard sided suitcases, soft-sided suitcases, semi-soft suitcases, suitcases, Pullmans, garment bags, and everything in between.

But, the key to the success of suitcases is not what they look like but if they can get your stuff from here to there without unfortunate incident.  It also helps if they do so conveniently (the invention of wheels on all kinds of “cases” has been awesome)

If we apply that to our lives, that would mean that what we do with our lives is more important than what we look like on the outside or what we pretend to be. Really it is more about applying our lives to the plan God has for our lives, becoming a usable vessel. No wheels required…

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