Odds Breaker

Watched the U.S. Open Golf championship today.  Some heavy hitters were in the mix to win the whole thing.  One was a young American who looked like he was a lock for the win until he simply lost his composure and his game.

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Ernie Els ranked numbers 1, 2, and 6 in the world had their opportunities.  You would have expected one of them to win the tournament since  they were used to this kind of pressure golf.  They have 127 victories on the PGA which includes 21 majors.

And then, there were the other two in the mix.  These two guys were unlikely candidates for winning this tough tournament. One was a Frenchman named Gregory Havret who isn’t ranked in the top 200 and a Scottish named Graeme McDowell from Northern Ireland who is ranked 37th.  Combined they have 10 professional victories but none on the PGA tour and none at the majors.

Both of them got into the tournament through extreme odds.  They Frenchman had to sink a 50 foot putt in a qualifying round and the Irishman had to get help from three pretty good golfers missing putts on a former tournament that gave him access.

Add to that the fact that no European has won the US Open for 40 years, and you have insurmountable odds.  But, when the dust cleared at the end, Woods, Mickelson, and Els were left shaking their heads. Havret came in second and McDowell won the whole thing.  Wow!

So, when you think the odds are stacked against you, remember that the impossible can still be possible. This has to do with things more important than a golf game.  Jesus said that “Nothing is impossible with God.”  So, next time you think there is “no way” you can get through the maze, remember you are not alone.  The odds breaker is in the court!

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  1. Chuck

    I think that will preach! You preach it and I’ll turn the pages. Actually you had a better score Friday than Johnson ended up with on Sunday – you the bomb.

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