Yesterday, Mary and I arrived in Indiana.  We had taken the red eye flight to attend a convention in Anderson.  We left Phoenix at 1 am early Monday and after a stop in Minneapolis we arrived here at about 1:30 in the afternoon. I really do enjoy flying. However, I am not a big fan of flying through the night.

I got a whole 90 minutes of sleep on the trip which wasn’t too bad.  We had a four hour layover in Minneapolis. Have you ever tried to find a way to rest in an airport? I think they try to make the chairs as uncomfortable as possible.  I even tried to sleep on the floor.  Not a good idea.

So, I eventually gave up on the idea and got into some people watching.  I saw some folks running to catch a plane, others waiting in line for food, some watching TV and others reading or working on their computers.

People trying to go from here to there.  Many of them were with their families. These folks were especially busy. They were moving quickly trying to keep track of a thousand details, including their young ones.

While all this was happening, I glanced down on the ground in the hall and found a pacifier (we used to call it a “binky”).  I looked around to see if any of nearby families had dropped it.  No luck. Later, I wandered into the restroom and amazingly found another pacifier.  Now, that is just plain weird, you gotta admit.

Pacifiers are designed to help kids when they are upset and need something to stick in their mouths to help them deal with life. It is supposed to pacify or appease them.  I think they may really be made to help parents more than the kids.  It is a way to shut down some of the sounds.

I wonder about all those folks wandering through the airport trying to get from here to there and from there to here. At least two of the families were making those moves without something to make life more bearable.

But, really I wonder if we are actually putting the emphasis on the wrong place. Pacifying people may be putting the emphasis on the wrong thing.  Maybe, we should spend less time appeasing or pacifying others and more emphasis on just accepting them as they are with all the noise they bring.

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