Rattle Snakes

So, I saw my first rattle snake in the wild today.  Thankfully, it was quite dead.  But, it was sporting that familiar diamond back even thought it wasn’t doing a whole lot of anything else.

I have to admit that I prefer seeing rattle snakes from behind glass or in a state of deadness.  They are a whole lot less intimidating that way. Still, I kept a healthy distance in case the snake wasn’t as dead as it looked.

Before I saw that the rattler was dead, I saw a rabbit happen by.  Now, in the normal state of things, that bunny would be in serious trouble.

I wouldn’t blame the snake if it had gone after the rabbit.  That would have been normal if the snake had been still kicking (figure of speech… I know snakes can’t “kick”).  That is the cycle of life.  That is survival in the wild. Snakes have to eat too.

I wouldn’t even had blamed the snake, if alive, it had gone after me.  I wouldn’t have liked it too much since those dudes’ bites are worse than their barks… or rattles as the case may be.  But, it would have only struck at me out of self-preservation.  I would have invaded his territory after all.

Now where is all this going?  I guess the real question is whether or not we act like these rattlers. Critters are all about survival of the fittest.  But, we aren’t snakes now are we. Although my fourth grade teacher kind of looked like one. Now that sounds mean. Actually, she kind of just made an occasional hissing sound.

We aren’t supposed to strike out at each other or even hiss at each other.  We don’t need to fear when someone comes into our territory. In fact, its their territory too.  We don’t need to get ahead by making someone else suffer. We need to remember that we share this life with others.  Let’s treat one another with love and respect instead!

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