I love bookstores!  There is something about them that just makes me smile.  I can spend hours in a bookstore looking at various books, smelling the “book smell.”  I am not really sure how to describe the smell… its just good!

My wife Mary was looking for a specific book today and I was pleased to join her in a couple of those bookstores as she tried to find it.  Finding a specific book like that is like looking for buried treasure.  I love stalking the “animal” until it shows it’s face.

Bookstores are typically organized in similar ways.  You have the fiction section, the non-fiction section, the best sellers, the science fiction section, the self help books, the religious section, the youth section, the children’s section and several other.

I grow tired shopping in most stores but in bookstores I get energized.  I think about all the the places a particular book can take me, the adventures I can experience, the ways I will be stretched.

Reading is something special!  It touches not only our minds but our spirits, our souls. Grab a good book and let it touch your emotions.

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