Short Story

The other day I ordered a book for my wife from Amazon on the web.  I love Amazon since it is quick and easy.  In fact, I can usually get our orders a few days after ordering.

So, I ordered this “little” book for Mary.  It seemed like a great deal.  I realized today when I opened the package why it was such an incredible price.  The “little” book I bought for her was literally a little book.  It was no more than 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide. Not what I had expected.

It was actually more of a synopsis of the full book. It was definitely an abridged edition.  I like short books but this was a bit ridiculous.  It leaves out some pretty important parts of the story.

There are certain things that lose their full affect if we take out pieces in the name of convenience or saving time.  Getting the Crib notes might seem like the best course of action to pass a test but you might miss the entire essence of the story.

I wonder how many of us do that in relationships or other aspects of our lives.  Do we take short cuts only to fail to embrace the fullness of the other person?  It is kind of like that movie “Click” where the guy has a special remote where he can fast forward past conversations and other life situations.  He discovers later that he misses critical stuff.

If we only pay attention at certain moments in our relationships, we might just forfeit some of the most important moments. There is no such thing as a acceptable shortcuts in terms of our relationships.  We need the unabridged version!

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