Sleepy time

Long day.  I am definitely feeling it tonight.  I am spent.  I left it all out of the floor. Don’t have a lot left in the tank. Wasted. I think you get the message!

Days like this make me long for bed.  I really enjoy hitting those sheets and getting into a full out snore. I can see it coming just around the corner.

Sleep is really a good thing. I think God got it right when he provided this down time for us as people.  It provides that much needed opportunity to replenish the energy level.  Without it, we would not function at the optimum level.

There are times when sleep is difficult to find.  Usually that happens when I have a bunch on my mind.  I allow stuff to clog up my brain and I can’t shut down easily. I know I need at least a good 6-7 hours each night.  Some need more. Some less.

The point is God provided “rest” as a gift.  We need to take advantage of it.  We need to allow ourselves the opportunity to “breathe.” Hey, I am “tired” of talking about it.  Good night y’all!

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