Toy Story?

Tonight, Mary and I took two of the kids to the movies.  We went to see a great movie. The fact that it is technically for kids and our daughter and her finance are 22 years old is beside the point.  Toy Story 3 is well worth the time regardless of your age.

There are some parts in the story that made me laugh out loud.  I died when Mr. Potato Head became Mr. Tortilla Head.  I was amazed by the amazing animation in this flick.  It is nothing like I was able to see when I was a kid.  Woody and Buzz and Jessie and the rest of the gang are pretty cool!

The interesting twist in this movie is how they make the toys with feelings and thoughts and the ability to move and talk. The toys have a sense of purpose.  They were made for Andy.  His name is even written on their “bodies.” But, Andy is older and no longer plays with his toys.  He is going to college after all.

The toys have to decide what to do with their change of status.  I won’t kill the ending. Suffice it to say, the toys join together and stick together and stay focused on the main mission, to make a kid happy!

I am always amazed by how much we can learn from a movie made for children.  Will we stick together and join together to fulfill the mission that we have been given? The mission may shift due to the “new day” but it has not gone away.  We have a mission to please the one who has written his name on our lives!  Let’s get after it!

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