Today, I went to the Apple store.  No, I am not talking the fruit.  I am talking Macintosh. In my attempt to fix the battery on my iPod touch, I made a huge mistake. As a result not only did I not change the battery, I actually fried the entire thing. Not too smart but like many things in my life, I am gaining tons of experience about what not to do.

When I walked into the store, I was immediately impressed!  The air reeked of people who knew what they were doing.  I was met by someone who quickly helped me get an appointment to see someone from their “genius bar.”  Now, the name alone instills confidence.

While I waited, I noted my name on the electronic screen that was on the wall and the time of my appointment along with others on the list.  I wondered if I had wandered onto the set of the filming of the next Star Trek movie.

Within minutes, one of these genius dudes came over with their ever handy iPhone.  Combined with his own MacBook Pro, he quickly diagnosed my problem.  Yes, the iPod touch was no longer working.  Thankfully, he didn’t  laugh when I told him what to do. He did say that they don’t even try to open up one of these bad boys.

He reminded me if I had only come to them first I would have gotten a free replacement since it was still under warranty. I think I may have thrown up at that point or at least I felt like it.  He offered me an alternative, an inexpensive replacement, and I was on my way.

Here’s the thing I learned from these guys.  They were incredibly customer focused.  They were all about helping people feel good about themselves even if they had to spend money.  They also believed in their products and believed they had the best stuff on the planet.  That made it easier for them to “sell” their stuff.   In reality they knew their stuff sold itself.

I wonder why we are not more like this in the church.  We have the best “product” going and yet we don’t always have as much confidence in it… or in other words, in Him.  And what about our “customer?”  Are we focused on them and their needs?  Some things to contemplate…  I may have to visit the Apple store more often.  I have lessons to learn!

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  1. Dorothy Shields

    I liked the comment telling you that you should have come to them BEFORE you tried to solve the problem on your own….Hmmmm sounds a lot like how we sometimes try to deal with life’s problems. FIRST we try to fix them ourselves and only when it doesn’t work do we turn to the expert who is in charge of everything. Thankfully God doesn’t ever tell us we are “out of warranty”……

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