Back ache

This morning, we headed over to the church for a work day. The goal was simple: move as much stuff as we could from one room to the next and from that room to the next and so on. We were moving a whole lot of heavy bookshelves and I am feeling it right now.

This evening, I am sitting on my couch watching another beautiful Arizona sunset (I never grow tired of them) and feeling the tightness in my back from this “moving day.”  My thoughts turn toward our backs (naturally, since mine is getting my attention right now.)

I wonder what God was thinking when he made our backs? Was he envisioning the kind of pressure we were going to put on our backs? Did he consider how many crazy places we would take our backs?

Were we supposed to give kids horsey rides on our backs?  Were we supposed to move couches up three flights of stairs?  Were we supposed to haul heavy loads of laundry from the car to the laundry mat and back again?  Were we supposed to block 250 pounds of human flesh? Were we supposed to sit in uncomfortable chairs in front of computer screens for hours at a time?

Backs tend to rebel against activities like the ones mentioned eventually, especially when you reach a certain age. My back is better suited for hot showers, soft mattresses, lazy boy chairs, and rafts in swimming pools.

So, what does all of this have to do with anything? Do you realize that there are certain places on our backs that if they itch, we will never be able to scratch.  There are certain parts of our backs that we can never physically touch with soap in order to clean our backs. None of us can give ourselves a back rub after a long day of putting our backs through a work out.

I guess, one of the reasons God made our backs is to remind us how much we need others!  I’m glad I have folks who have my back!  A little ibuprofen doesn’t hurt either!

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  1. Dereck Nunley

    Weel put Jim! You can go a lot of places with a back idea. Backing up, backing down, backing in, etc…. Hope you are feeling better!

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