Bad shots

What a beautiful day!  The rain brought some decrease in temperatures and a very nice day for the desert.  It actually only topped out around 90 or so.  That might not seem like a big deal for other parts of the country but out here that is pretty nice.

I was out on the golf course for part of the day which was actually pretty sweet.  It’s nice when you don’t have to sweat like crazy to experience a round of golf.  In fact during the game it actually started to sprinkle a bit.  It cooled things off even more. A nice reprieve from the norm.

On one of the holes, I hit a shot that looked good in the air but actually went a little too far.  I hit it well, maybe a bit too well.  My ball went over the green, over the bank and down into a small lake.  Oops!

Normally, you take a drop by the water, add a penalty stroke, and hit the ball again.  But this time, I decided to try and play it where it lay.  It was in about two to three inches of water.  I tried a couple of times to get the ball out and eventually was able to make it work. In fact, it went onto the green.

In the process however, the water splashed all over my body soaking my shirt and my shorts. I tried to avoid a penalty and I only substituted one penalty for another.  I don’t always make smart choices.

How many times do we try to avoid being penalized for our choices only to find that we can’t completely avoid it no matter how hard we try?  There are always consequences for our decisions. We can run but we can’t hide!  The truth will eventually find us.

I am finding in golf and in life, it is best to simply own my choices, admit my fault, and move on.  Otherwise, I am all wet!

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