Best Snow Cone ever!

There is a special place in Anderson, Indiana that my wife absolutely loves.  It is called Sno-Castle.  Sounds like a some kind of Disney World want-a-be, right?  Or, at the very least a place that has artificial snow all year long while you peruse through hundreds of ornaments.

It is neither.  It is a place open only in the summer months and is small hut about the size of a small photo center, maybe about 12 foot by 12 foot. It serves some of the best flavored shaved ice around.  This is not your typical snow cone.  It is something more special than that.


They shave the ice and then add up to 40 or maybe even 50 different flavors in all kinds of mixes and matches.  You can have a princess size (small) all the way up to the King (very large).  Mary and both got the Knight size.  Mary mixed banana and strawberry.  I had sour cherry and pineapple (yum!).  I know your mouth is watering right now!

This unique little place has a powerful reputation in this little berg of maybe 50,000 or so. People come from all over to grab a “sno-castle cone.”  It’s kind of funny.  It is really nothing more than a glorified snow cone but the combination of shaved ice and wild flavors has created quite a cult following.

This is the epitome of Americana. There are places like this all over the country.  We are known for having these kinds of places in remote places that don’t look like much.  And yet, people swear “It has the best roast beef sandwiches anywhere” or “you won’t find a piece of pie as delicious as this” or “you can’t believe the deals you will get here”  or “it has some incredible books.”

We love the underdog little stores that promise little and give much.  That is not just true of stores or restaurants or whatever.  It also pertains to people.  Some of the best people I have ever met were totally unassuming and yet there is something incredibly special about them.  You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

Remember, to give that person you encounter a chance. They may really surprise you. And if you are ever in Anderson, Indiana, don’t forget to stop by Sno-castle!

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