We were in Chicago today visiting our son, Josh and his wife, Bethany.  We went to the farmer’s market in the center of North Chicago.  Bethany picked up some fresh flowers and some vegetables. I was more practical.  I picked up some caramel corn and some cheese corn.  Man does not live on bread alone after all!

Then, we went downtown to visit where Josh works and headed over to an Irish pub for lunch. I ate a big 1/2 pound burger with mega fries.  I loved the burger and the atmosphere of this quaint place in the heart of the city.

This afternoon, we drove away from Chi town around Lake Michigan to visit our daughter, Jessica and our son-in-law, Chris who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Of course after the nearly four hour drive, we were hungry again.  After the kids returned from work, we headed out to a Thai restaurant for some great Asian food.

There is something special about visiting cities in the U.S.  They teem with so many different types of people from so many different walks of life.  I enjoy watching and learning about the variety of cultures that are blended in unique ways across our country.

Maybe, its because we just celebrated our country’s birthday, but I have a deep appreciation for our country.  With all its flaws and issues, it is still a great place to live. And, because we are such a mosaic of folks from other places, we have this incredible opportunity to connect with many wonderful people with different histories, different languages, and different interests.

I hope I always remember to appreciate the different people with whom I come into contact.  We may be drawn normally to people just like us but the differences add the spice to life.  We not get to taste a variety of foods in our country.  We get to “taste” a variety of people.  I know for sure I dig the flavor!

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