God speaks

My back is killing me!  My neck is stiff!  My head is splitting!  I have had only a minimum amount of sleep crammed in a room with three teenage guys! Such is the life of conventions.  Sounds glamorous I know but I know I am here for a special reason!

Tonight, I think I got a clue as to part of that reason.  It started with the amazing worship service.  There is something special about worshipping with 5000 students and their leaders!  There is a kind of amazing freedom that you witness as these young people go to their God!

Francis Chan was the speaker and he hit a major home run! Totally out of the park and into the ocean! He challenged us to reconsider our worship of God. Is it possible that we are too “casual” in our going to God?

After all, this is the God of the universe, the one Revelation describes as one glowing like gemstones  of emerald, jasper and carnelian; the one with lightning and thunder coming from his throne!  The one who has beings who do nothing but declare how holy he is 24/7.

And Francis sealed the deal by bringing his young son on stage and holding him in his arms and asking us if we have this kind of relationship with God.  I was undone at that point and fell to me knees to confess my stuff!

I had a great deal to think about at that point!   My stomach filled with junk food for two days was rebelling along with my back and my head and I was hopeful to go back to the room and crash. I figured God had shown me enough for one evening.  The guys in my room wanted to head over to McDonald’s for some food.  Where in the world do they put all that stuff?  And how can they do it at 10 p.m.?

I told them they couldn’t go since they had a narrow window between worship service and the late night Christian BMX group they wanted to check out.  Can you believe it?  The night was only beginning!  Youth conventions = little sleep!

The real truth was that I didn’t think it was safe for the three of them to go by themselves and I didn’t want to go with them.  I told them they could go downstairs to the hotel’s deli:  more expensive than Mickey D’s but more convenient.

Funny how God starts working on you when you least expect it. I had already heard once from Him tonight.  Could He not give it a rest?

He reminded me that I was going to challenge the boys to be servants the next day.  But, how could I do that if I couldn’t do it myself. So, I headed downstairs, grabbed the boys and headed over to the most popular arches at least with guys under 18 with high metabolism. Then, I walked with them to the BMX show, watching guys doing flips on bikes!  Not what I wanted to do but that God is so persistent!

So, I guess you can teach an old (and worn out) dog like me new tricks! Touche’ God!

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  1. Dorothy Shields

    so…”youth convention=no sleep” huh?? What I also see is a time when those in attendance are encouraged to bring their faith to a new level…where those in attendance are able to fellowship in ways that are perhaps “outside the box” of what they normally experience, where large numbers of people worship God with abandon, where people learn that being a follower of Christ can also mean HAVING FUN !!!! As I follow your messages about your week with the youth I wish that those of us who no longer fall into the “youth” category could have these kind of experiences. WHY are conferences like this only aimed at high school/college age? WHY can’t experiences like this be available to those of us who may be “old” in years but want to grow our faith the way the “younger” believers do. Since becoming a child of God seven years ago I’ve searched and searched for opportunities like the conference you guys are attending—ones that would welcome those of us who want to serve God like the young people but are way too old to be a part of that group. Well…I guess I’ll just have to keep looking :) Have a great last day and a safe trip home@

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