Love spill

Well, we end our vacation time tomorrow. There is a kind of sadness that accompanies the final part of our time off even though there is an excitement to be home. We have had the opportunity to see our kids so the end of this time is bitter sweet.

Vacation is made for rest and connections. I can actually tell we are getting a little worn out since Mary and I are beginning to get on each other’s nerves.

One of the cool things that happened the other night was an opportunity to sit down with our son and daughter-in-law and have one of our best talks ever!  I was so thrilled with our time together.  It was something I had been hoping and praying for.

Why do we wait for these kinds of opportunities?  Why don’t we give ourselves some space with those we care about to share our deep feelings, our true selves?

I have been watching as many of you have the whole thing that is happening in the gulf with the oil spill. It seems pretty amazing that all that oil continues to spill into the gulf causing incredible damage to the wild life. We can’t seem to stop the poison.

I think that is our problem with relationships.  We seem to easily share the negative stuff but have trouble sharing the positive stuff.  We take the positive for granted and forget how important we are to each other.  It would be cool if we could start a different kind of spill, a positive spill of love for each other.  Give it a shot.  Maybe we can get it started and forget how to stop it!

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