Macho stuff

Yesterday, my daughter’s fiance was feeling bold and free and sent a part of a game we play (Hillbilly golf) as a family hurtling through the air.  His aim was a bit off and quite strong and this particular piece of the game (golf balls attached with a piece of string) became stuck in a tree.  To be more exact, it was stuck 30 to 40 feet in the air.

Today, the fun began.  The “men folk” filled with testosterone determined that they would “get er down.”  So, several guys took some heavy balls (remember Boccie from the other day?) and started to throw them up in the air trying to knock the aforementioned “golf ball attachment” loose.

It was quite a spectacle.  My dad commented that he could simply make a new one.  But no, the guys would not go quietly into the night (or day).  I just stood there watching and laughing and considering ticket sales to this “event.”

Suffice it to say that the guys were unsuccessful.  The item is still in the tree. Thankfully, none of them had the ball bounce off their heads.  Good thing!

Why do we do stuff like this as men?  What drives men to be so preoccupied with proving their manhood?  We have to beat the other guy in competition, we have to drink the other guy under the table, we have to push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion in order to “get it right,”  we have to show women that we are big and bad by thrusting out our chests to show our physical prowess.

There is this desire to be “macho.”  Some of that can be lived out in a healthy expression of our manhood.  But, most of it is totally unhealthy.  It has to do with aggressive, unnecessary, and hurtful behavior.

We try to prove our worth versus accepting God’s gift of worth. It actually pushes aside that tender side of our manhood that God wants us to express.  And, unfortunately for some men that can be expressed by misusing women and even other men.

Guys, drop the “macho” act and simply be a man who has been made in God’s image.  It’s OK to try to get a ball out of tree.  Just watch it when it goes over the line and becomes something else!

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