Boccie.  Have you ever played it?  It is an Italian game in which competitors throw a tiny ball varied distances away from themselves and see who can get their ball (or potentially balls) the closest.  The balls they use for these competitions are fairly heavy.

It really is a fun game that can be played anywhere there is a little bit of green space (or brown space for that matter). Several of my family played this game tonight.  There was a great deal of laughter as we tried to nudge our ball closer than each other with sometimes hilarious results.  At the last minute, someone can knock the white ball closer to another competitor and you are left in the dust.

We play all over the place, under tables, around trees, through play ground equipment. Unfortunately, my aim is not always the best.  I think I owe my dad some money for a new table.  Yikes!

The critical point of Boccie in our family is not the victor or the loser. What stands out in our memories is not the champion but the memory of a ball that got stuck in a tree or the “almost” point or the throw that was so far that it hurt some one’s Rotator Cuff (unfortunately me!)

Memories are like that. We treasure the moments, win or lose, because of the people with whom we shared the time. Years from now I will not remember who won the game but I will remember the funny throws and the broken table!  And yeah, I will remember time spent with people I love!

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