Pasta Jim

I made pasta for Mary and me tonight. Amazing right? Here’s the amazing part. I made the sauce from scratch which I have never done before.  I have only used the jar sauce to make the pasta sauce in the past.

I had to find a recipe to make it work of course.  It was all working great until I realized I didn’t have all the right ingredients. So, I had to make a few key substitutions.  I used some green onions instead of the whole onions that were suggested.

I didn’t have tomato paste so used canned tomatoes instead. I did have the garlic cloves and the tomato sauce. I threw in some salt and pepper and seasoned it all liberally with some oregano and let it all simmer on low for a few hours. Finally, I threw in some cooked chicken near the end of the cooking time. I boiled some bow tie pasta and threw together a fresh salad.

Somehow it all worked.  It actually tasted great! I couldn’t believe it.  Here’s the thing I learned. Don’t be afraid to go outside the recipe!  Great lesson right?   A recipe is defined as instructions that lead to an outcome. Normally, I want to stick to the tried and true. But if I only follow the prescribed instructions, I miss out on whole new tastes!

That applies to life as well. Venture beyond the boundaries of tried and true recipes, at least from time to time. Be courageous and try a few substitutions for what you have tried in the past.  Discover new things about new people. Get outside the box and see what you might be missing. You might find out how delicious the world God made really is!

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