I love peanuts!  I am not sure why.  I just do.  And they have to be roasted peanuts still in the shell to suit my taste buds.  I like them salted and ready for the cracking.  The best place to eat them is at baseball games where you can throw the shells on the ground.

There are also a few restaurants that allow you the courtesy of trashing their floors with shells.  But, nothing beats the ‘ol ball game for eating peanuts and tossing shells.  And, I don’t like them pre-shelled.  I enjoy doing that myself.

You have to get rid of the shell to get to the heart of the nut. I guess that is true of people too.  I am not trying to say that we are all nuts (but if the shell fits), but there are other possible analogies.

For instance, we need to get out of our shells, become transparent and allow people to see the real deal. The shells after all are designed to protect the stuff inside but the only way to truly “taste” the real thing is to become vulnerable, toss the shells, and get to the real core.  Shells taste terrible after all.  Peanuts, on the other hand, taste great!

Why do we waste time holding on to our shells? Maybe, because we have been burnt. Maybe, we are afraid of getting hurt.  But, the only way to discover the possibility of something new is to take the risk and open up our shells.

Enough talking! Time to chow!

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