Mary and I went over to the skate party sponsored by our kid’s ministry tonight. I considered getting out on the skates but I didn’t want to show anyone up.  I was obviously concerned that the young kids might be demoralized by my exceptional skills.

Alright, you got me. The truth is that after I assessed my skills and considered the real possibility of landing on my rear multiple times, I thought I would cheer on the kids from the sideline.  Everyone needs a good cheerleader after all!

Roller skating is fun to watch.  You have a wide variety of people with different abilities. There are those who are novice skaters and tend to stay on the outside of the rink close to the wall shuffling along more than actually skating. These folks of various ages are one step away from a skate split and a quit visit to the floor.

There are those on the other end that appear to have been skating all of their lives or were born with skates on.  They are graceful and make the foot over foot turns around corners look flawless and somehow beautiful.  When the backward skate time is called, they feel quite natural.

Even those in the large “intermediate group” have a variety of skill levels.  Some think they are better than they really are and try some tricks that inevitably will backfire.  Others are better than they think they are and tend to play it safe.

The key to getting better at anything is taking the next step which requires a risk.  You have to be OK with the occasional fall to the floor that comes from taking it to the next level.  And actually, the key to that is practice.

You can talk about getting better at skating but the key is getting out there and practicing.  That is the key to anything you want to improve.  You have to go for it and get some experience.  And keep working at it. That might be in a skill like skating or it could be in relationships.  Practice makes perfect!

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