Late this afternoon, a monsoon storm hit with a vengeance dropping about an inch of rain in a couple short hours.  Wow!  It was crazy!  I was driving in the stuff with the rain pelting the pavement and the wind whipping up gusts of nearly 75 miles an hour.

Needless to say, it was an adventurous ride home.  I could barely see the road in front of me and the water crested the road at several spots flooding the area.  I was concerned my car would turn into a boat at any moment.

One of the fun stops on the way home was to two grocery stores.  In entered the first before the storm truly hit and had to make a run for it to my car.  I was drenched but I still needed the turkey to complete my turkey sandwich so I braved the other store as well to find just the right bird (or bird like meat from the deli).

I actually was laughing as the water saturated my shirt and pants.  What a blast running through the rain on a day that earlier topped out over 100 degrees!

Back home finally, the rain eventually subsided.  Out back of our house, we saw this incredible sight.  Check it out:

I don’t know if you can tell but in addition to the beautiful sunset, we now have a lake outside our home.  That didn’t exist this morning.  We call it “Davey Lake.”  Why not?  No one else is laying claim and it helps that it won’t be there tomorrow.

Mary and I watched as dogs and kids played in the water after the storm. The first thought may be for some of you, “Is that safe?” Maybe not.  But a whole lot of fun.  I mean if you live in the desert and one tremendous rain storm comes your way, you might as well take a dip in your own private lake no matter what microscopic critters may exist there.

You might as well get soaking wet by running into a store just to buy ice cream (That is what I got at the first store. A growing boy has to have a balanced diet, after all!)  Sure, you are going to get wet but what a feeling of exhilaration to simply enjoy a cool rain fall in a place that doesn’t get it very often.

Sometimes you have to play in a few puddles! It can do a whole lot of good to your health as you confront the storms of life!  Try it.  You might like it!

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