We are in the middle of monsoon season here in Arizona. Monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind bringing rain.  It is cool watching it come in from a distance.  It looks crazy beautiful to me!  But, it can bring some real destruction from time to time.

I think the most beautiful part of being hit by these occasional wind and rain storms is when the sun breaks through.  There is nothing quite like the rays of the sun bursting forth through the clouds.  It gives me this incredible sense of hope.

Check it out below and just allow the rays to penetrate your life and illuminate those occasional (or more than occasional) gloomy days you experience.  Feel the warmth of the sun!  Its OK to smile by the way!!


  1. Chuck

    Pastor – I forgot to tell you. That water you were hitting out of Friday? It is recycled water – what we call “poopy water”. Next time just drop a ball and take the penalty. LOL

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