Routine overload

I woke up this morning and went into my normal routine. I got showered and shaved and dressed. Then, I headed downstairs to take out the trash since it was that time of the week. And since the trash had sat in the can for two weeks, it was definitely ripe and ready for the picking.

After washing my hands, I headed over for the cereal boxes.  I grabbed Lucky Charms since I actually saw that it had less calories than Raisin Bran.  Couldn’t believe it!  Love those marsh mallow charms, they are magically delicious.  Washed it all down with a glass of OJ.

I brushed my teeth and headed to the car with my wife.  I took her to work since I am the best husband ever!  And, her car wouldn’t start.

Then, I went over to a little restaurant called “Tiny’s” that has the best cinnamon rolls and biscuits/gravy in the valley. I met Ken, a friend from church.  I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I skipped the gravy/biscuits and settled for a couple of eggs over easy, some bacon and some sour dough toast.

I wondered later why I wasn’t that hungry.  By now, you think I am either totally nuts or have the worse memory ever.  It wasn’t until lunch that I remembered.  I had two breakfasts.  Of course, that didn’t keep me from eating lunch. I just ate a salad to “cut back.”

Here’s the thing.  I have a normal routine in the morning.  This morning, the routine was disrupted by the planned breakfast out.  (I am sure I was distracted by being the best husband ever.)

Routines are not all bad unless they keep us from spontaneous experiences of life.  We need to embrace the variety of people and opportunities that come our way each day. That is called abundant living.

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