Singing in the Rain

It rained today!  Yahoo!  I know some of you may be wondering why all the excitement.  We haven’t seen significant rainfall here in the valley of the sun since about February.  So, you can understand why I am dancing tonight!

Speaking of dancing, I love the scene in the movie “Singing in the Rain” when Gene Kelly does this incredible stepping action in the rain. If you have seen it, you know what I am talking about.  If not, get the movie, and prepare to be amazed.

Tonight, I walked out into my driveway just to feel the rain on my skin and smell the great smells of rain in Phoenix.  I refrained from dancing since I am very tired and not inclined to exhibit my limited dancing skills.

But, I love to watch people dance or play or run in the rain. Kids are the best!  They play in the gutters or in the mud puddles and just let go of themselves.  There is this crazy release of energy, this sense of joy.

That is what I see when I watch Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain:  Joy!  So, why don’t we have that all the time, not just when it rains.  Maybe, we could just pretend its raining or maybe we need to just remember how great it is to just be alive! Try it.  And if that doesn’t work, go find Gene Kelly!

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