Got home yesterday afternoon and by the time we got everything done, turning up the air conditioning, buying some food from the grocery store and going through a mountain of mail, I was way too tired to blog.

In fact, I hit the bed by 8 a.m.  I know that sounds real early until you realize that our bodies were still on eastern time zone and we were totally blasted from getting up at 4:50 a.m. (1:50 a.m. in Phoenix), flying to Detroit and experiencing a 3 hour layover there before our final four hour flight to Phoenix.

Then, we had to adjust to a 30 degree change in temperature (although I am a bigger fan of dry heat than the high humidity of the mid-west this time of year.)  Unfortunately, I don’t sleep well on a plane.  So, maybe it makes more sense why I hit the rack early.

I checked out the mail and found a ton of stuff.  One of those things I found was an official looking document from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  It was a traffic ticket.  I was appalled at first.  Not me! It must be a mistake!

Then, I saw the picture of my car’s license plate. There was also a picture of my goofy looking mug looking as if I was staring right at the camera. I apparently was going 66 in a 55 mile hour zone on I-17 at 4:30 in the morning.

I could barely remember ever being up and driving a car at that time of the morning let alone speeding. Then, as the fullness of the situation entered my small head, I began the rationalization.

“I was doing a good deed taking our missionary friend from Lebanon to the airport. Shouldn’t that count for something.”  “I thought they were taking out all of those traffic cameras.  It is such a rip off!” “I never go that fast normally.”  “I was only two miles over the acceptable speed to be speeding.” “I must have been really sleepy.”

However, it slowly began to dawn on me.  I was guilty.  I did the crime so I would have to do the time (figuratively speaking of course… no time, just a fine… a fairly big one.)  I was speeding and I was caught red handed.

How often do we do that?  Rationalize our behavior.  I think the problem is we sometimes think we should get away with stuff but rarely do we feel that way about the other guy.  If someone is driving too fast, do we ever think, “I hope the police catch ‘em.”

We can compare ourselves to others and think, we really aren’t like those other folks.  We may have been “technically” in the wrong but they were way in the wrong.  Isn’t it time to just be honest and admit our wrongness?

So, here’s what I am going to do: I am going to pay a fine and try to learn from this painful financial choice.  Shucks.  I hate it when I am right about being wrong!

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  1. Chuck

    Everyone I have talked to that has had their picture taken, including me, have been clocked at 66 miles per hour. Camerals are suspect.

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