Warning Signs

I saw this warning sign before we jumped on the roller coaster for the ride of our lives when we         were at universal in Orlando.  Check out the information included.  This ride includes “sudden          and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting and dropping.”

So, how does that sound to you?  Does it sound invigorating or terrifying? I guess that depends          on your perspective, right?  I read these words and think “bring it on.”  I guess you are either a          roller coaster person or not.

Warning signs like this are designed to prepare for something that possibly could happen or              go wrong.  We can either heed these warnings or ignore them.  If we ignore serious warnings            like this, we can hit huge obstacles. They can cost us big time.

Are you missing the warning signs?  Maybe our bodies are telling us something or friends                  observe something or maybe something all together different.  The point is, are we paying                  attention?

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  1. Dereck Nunley

    I was at Worlds of Fun a few weeks ago with my boys. After the 6th ride my stomach was kinda of queezy. I didn’t think the signs pertained to me because they never did in the past. Man, I must be getting old.

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