I am sitting and relaxing with my lady and watching this crazy show “A minute to win it.”  It is this impossibly crazy show where contestants have to do these nearly impossible tasks in a minute. There goal is to get the most money possible on their way to a possible million dollars if they go all the way.

With each task they perform, they get more money but the risk factor goes up.  If they go for it, they may sacrifice some of the money they have already earned if they fail to complete the task in the allotted 60 seconds.  There is ton of pressure and yet these folks are good!

I am amazed at what they can do. They have to do stuff like putting 9 cans in a row from 5 cents to 40 cents in five cent increments based solely on the sound of the coins in a can.  Crazy!

It is interesting to me the lengths folks will go through to win. The money is obviously a motivator but I think the greatest incentive is doing something that seems nearly unbelievable. We were made with this desire to stretch ourselves to reach beyond the limits.

This spirit inside of us is a mirror of our creator. Made in God’s image, we have this unstoppable spirit that drove us to fly to the moon and made us want to break the four minute mile. We are normally not content in our last achievements. Last year’s super bowl winners are cool since it was New Orleans but that was still so “last year.”  Who’s going to win this year?

In fact, when we stop stretching, we start dying. Sure the older we get, the more difficult it will be to do certain physical endeavors, but it doesn’t stop us from giving it all we got in a different arena. Embrace God’s image and discover that limits are self determined!

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