Cart path love

I played a little golf today and hit a drive over 320 yards!  I know, I am an impressive man! I am almost ready for the PGA tour. Just a few more rounds under my belt and I will be ready… at least for the Senior tour.

I am ready for sponsors to come seeking me out.  I am sure I will be selling tons of products and earning a great deal of money! I am sitting by the phone waiting for the call!

OK, enough dreaming.  The reality of the “longer drive than normal” was the strategic placement of the cart path. I hit the card path on the line drive and the ball hit multiple times on the concrete propelling the ball a long way.

In fact, if I hadn’t had my drive a bit off line, it would have never happened in the first place.  It was still a great drive for me but it was definitely aided by the man-made path for the impressive result.

How many of us experience “cart path love” during our days on this rock called Earth and fail to really celebrate? I am talking about positive unexpected results. Those are those times when you get what didn’t deserve and it was a good thing.

For me, it has happened many times in my life. I got a this foxy woman that I didn’t deserve. I got three incredible kids I didn’t deserve.  I have had wonderful friends and family I didn’t deserve.  I have had tremendous ministry opportunities I didn’t deserve. I am pastoring a fantastic church I didn’t deserve.

And then, there are those times during the day that something really cool happens that was totally unexpected… like a ball hitting a cart path and going for what seems like miles. And by the way, did I mention the course was selling coke or bottled water for only a buck?  Cart path love! Crazy good!

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