Friday Night Lights!

High School Football!  It is finally here. There is something about this time of year and the energy that is in the air. Even in Phoenix where the air is not that crisp in the 100 degree August, there is still this feeling of anticipation.

The other night I was privileged to go out to the final practice for one of our local high teams before their first game tonight. Brian, their coach, had asked me to come out and spend some time with the guys and say a prayer for the team.  I was excited to do it.

In fact, I am going to serve as unofficial chaplain for the team this season and plan on going to most of their games. Tonight was a travel game so I wasn’t able to make this one.

As I watched their practice, my mind took me back many, many years to a time when I played this great game in high school.  It was like 100 years ago but football still existed. I remember the preparation for the game, the mixture of excitement and fear. Guys going through their pre-game routine like listening to music or getting taped up or joking around or puking their guts out in the bathroom.

There is something pure about high school football. Guys are into it for the fun. No one is getting a pay check and no one is at the point that they are looking at it as a career. Some guys are playing in High School who will be too small or too slow or too untalented to play beyond high school.  That was my story.

But, in high school, anything is possible.  You can strap on some pads and go hit someone legally. A win can still make you feel on top of the world and a loss can cause you to cry on the bus on the way home.  There is this sense of camaraderie with other guys that is just amazing. Guys play with abandonment!

High school football reminds me of how we are supposed to live. We are supposed to live life with joy and freedom. We are supposed to feel good about the others who are on our team.  We are supposed to throw caution to the wind and go for it! Remember, we are in it to win it!  Let’s leave it all on the field each day, every day!

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