Hot air balloons

I was watching hot air balloons lift off this morning on my way to church. It was incredibly relaxing watching these balloons take flight to who knows where. I started wondering how it would feel to be in one of these babies. I wondered what it would be like to just take off and fly.

The feeling I got as I watched them move airborne was this amazing sense of freedom. Watching balloons is relaxing so being in one must be ten times more relaxing. All is takes is a bit of hot air. Well, I guess that isn’t all it takes, because if that was true I would be floating as we speak.

In the movie, “Up,” the main character is determined to fly away to this amazing, beautiful place. He hopes all his life to go there and take his sweetheart with him. But, one thing leads to another and he never gets there until she dies.

I think that is what I get when I watch balloons in flight. There is this sense of adventure, of cutting the lines that hold us to earth. That feels like freedom to me.

We were supposed to cast aside our fears and move into the unknown with a sense of adventure. We can only be free when we stop waiting for that day to come when the stars line up and we go. Take off. Embrace life. Go for it and find real freedom!  Up, up and away!

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